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“SHE IS” – An Initiative In aid of #Mettoo Movement



Mettoo Movement

“SHE IS”; An Art By 20 Contemporary & Visionary Artist In aid of #Mettoo Movement NYC, USA

The women of this millennium generation are more progressive, vocal & have opinions. Opinions that can’t be shunned by virtue of gender in equality.

Prevailing atrocities on women across the globe is a common threat to society today. Women are questioned for roles, sexuality, freedom, safety in some or the other form and the scenario is no different even in urban cities.

Living in constant fear of suppression and depression, women are battling challenges that only will lead to a dis balance of bare existence in the society in long run.

While hope still exists, so do few fraction of women across globe who are adamant to bring a change to this statistics of suppression. Cruising its way up is the “#metoo” movement aiming to voice out the wrongs of the cultures and bring in hope and a transformation in thought process of the community we live in.

I strongly feel that women’s demureness should not be taken as her weakness. Women are raising multi layers of summons to contest their basic right to live like human beings.  The movement is valuable to society in general as it not only opposes sexual oppression, religious beliefs, freedom from castes & ethnic groups but also raising the most important question on women being treated humanely.

She Is - Art by 20 contemporary & visionary female artistsWhile #metoo movement is catching momentum across the world; one such initiative “SHE IS” curated by Marina Dojchinov is scheduled today at 6pm-9pm at One Art Space.

About SHE IS

New York, In wake of the #metoo movement woman everyday have found their feet along with their voice and are creating surge of equality and acceptance regardless of gender constructs.

One Art Space presents the opening reception for SHE is an independent female empowerment art show. The exhibition includes 20 inspiring and visionary woman sharing their struggles, victories, and voices through the mediums of mixed media, photography, sculptures and on canvas.

Live performances and interactive elements will be showcased during the evening from various New York City performers.

Artists Include

Beverly Rosenberg

Jean Chiang

Susan Barron

Stephanie Fuller

Aditi Damle

Eleni Giagkou

Dame Lori Sutherland

Merle Temkin

Asia O’Brien

Debbie Dickinson

Soheir Khashoggi

Echo Shi Volla

Katina Ansen

Elsa Marie Keefe

Kenna Kindig

Katelyn White

Petrina Ryan-Kleid

Adina Andrus

Cleopatra Browne

Miroslava Romonova

Mari Giorgadze

Allison Harrell

*Sponsored By Rockefeller Vodka

Speaking on the occasion Curator Marina says “I am women hear me roar. This mantra has been the backbone and inspiration of this visionary art show which aims to disrupt the confines of a traditional patriarchal society. Our aim, instead is to become a catalyst in empowering women everywhere. Told through the eyes of 20 contemporary artists we are transported through the gallery and into a world where nothing is impossible. Let our voices be as loud as our roars!”

Opening 6:00-9:00pm

Hosted by One Art Space

23 Warren Street

New York, NY

About the Space

One Art Space, a new exhibition space at 23 Warren Street in Tribeca. The 1700 square foot venue is dedicated to the promotion of international contemporary art, celebrating established figures and introducing new artists to enrich the New York art community’s aesthetic diversity.



Hashtag: #oneartspace #sheis #rockfellervodka

 One Art Space

23 Warren Street, TriBeCa, New York, NY, 10016

March 16th 2018

Opening 6pm-9pm

Opinionated by
Saloni Kilam Rampal

For “SHE IS” an event by Marina Dojchinov & One Space
Pre Event

16th March 2018


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  1. Heidi Love

    March 21, 2018 at 8:45 am

    Thank you Sal. I stand with you as one of the women “adamant to bring a change…”

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Heart to Heart With Indian Television Actress Simple Kaul




Heart to heart with Bubbly and Vivacious Simple Kaul, Television Actress & Restaurateur, Home Made Cafe.

Simple Kaul, Television Actress & Restaurateur

1. How long have you been in the media business? And how has your experience so far been?

S.K.: It’s been an eventful 15 years Journey and I’m extremely glad to be a part of this fraternity. I got opportunity to work in some of the most entertaining and popular serials in Indian Television history like Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma , Shararat , Jinni aur Juju , Suvreen Guggal, Kusum, Ye Meri Life Hai to name few.

Very early in life, I realized that the creative instincts in me were more than just a hobby rather they were way to live life!

Simple Kaul still from Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma2. How has the perception towards entertainment business changed in your native community since the time you started?

S.K.: Well, I wouldn’t say that our community was the only one having opinions, perceptions and reservations about joining the entertainment industry. It was rather a generic mindset. I am glad that in the past decade, the scenario in the creative industry has seen a tremendous change. It’s more accessible and accepted in society today. Thanks to real shows for bringing in this big change and picking up talents from various parts of India. Today, most parents want their kids to join the industry and it’s considered like any other professional industry.

In my case, my parents were against my decision and my mom wanted me to pursue singing but I was firm that I wanted to be an actress. My friend Girijesh Ohja put me on the right track and got me in for a formal training from Perot’s Troupe, a theater group in Delhi under Dr. M. Sayeed Alam mentor-ship.

I left my home town and came to Mumbai to pursue my dreams. Initial days were tough, I stayed at my relatives place but soon took a place on rent. It wasn’t easy but what kept me going was my patience and perseverance. Today, my parents take pride in my achievements and are glad that I followed my heart and achieved what I dreamt of.

Simple Kaul with her Parents3. Has your background ever been an obstacle in your career?

S.K.: No, our industry is very open to any community or as we say, people from non-filmy backgrounds. Talent is what counts at the end. There is no short cut to success, it’s a tough field to survive and at the same time most rewarding industry too. All you need to do as an artist is give your best. I am self made and I take immense pride in that fact. And like I said earlier, follow your heart, don’t give into circumstances. It’s a rough terrain to walk but perseverance is the key to sail you through challenging phases.

4. Share your favorite memories of your native place. Are you still connected to your roots?

SK: I am fond of my motherland, we use to stay in a place called Barbar Shah in Kashmir. I often get nostalgic when I meet someone from my place and talk about the place, food, and culture. You get emotionally connected!

I’m married to a Non-Kashmiri and my husband is fond of Kashmiri cuisine. Whenever my mom is in town, she cooks for him. My friends and acquaintances relish the food delicacies from the valley, especially the non-vegetarian cuisine and look forward to my mom’s cooking. Kahwa is undoubtedly one of the highlights of my restaurants’ beverage menu.

Simple Kaul as a Brand Ambassador

Simple Kaul as a Ramp Show Stopper5. What are the current projects you are working on?

S.K.: I prefer comedy and real genres. I am very choosy about the projects that I wish to be associated with. Though, I have come a long way but I prefer being selective about my work. Currently, I’m busy doing ramp shows for my friends as a ‘Show Stopper’, and brand endorsements for print commercials. I just finished a short film which is due for release very soon and most importantly, I am planning to open my second café.

Simple Kaul Singing

6. We know that you sing well, which is your favorite Kashmiri song (can be from folk of Kashmir, Kashmir song from Hindi Cinema, music album etc).

S.K.: Yes, I’m a trained Indian classical singer. I am interested in various forms of music like country, jazz, blues, romantic and classical songs. For me, ‘Ragas’ of Indian Classical or any other form of music are simply notes that nourish your soul and bring tranquility of mind.

My personal favorite Kashmiri folk song is ‘Har mokh bartel’, especially the version sung by my dear friend Vibha Saraf, a very talented singer.

Simple Kaul at her favourite Destination7. Which is your favorite destination in India and abroad?

S.K.: In India, I love travelling to Kashmir and Goa while internationally, it’s Europe with my favorite destinations being Italy and Spain.

8. What advice would you like to give young aspirants of the valley who are looking at making a career in the Television Industry?

S.K.: Well my one and only advice to my fellow natives would be Entertainment Industry is very fast paced, hence immense patience and perseverance is most essential. Follow your dreams, never say quit and most importantly, learn the art of improvising. One should actively indulge in reading a lot of cinema, the techniques and nuances of the trade. Never believe that you know it all and you are the best. While it’s good to be confident and passionate about your work but the right attitude is what will keep you going for a long time.

9. What are your future plans? How do you see yourself 5-years from now?

S.K.: I don’t plan my future endeavors. I feel the best way to see your future is to create a pool of opportunities for yourself. One such unplanned opportunity landed me as a Restaurateur. I believe in exploring the most unexpected avenues as it’s adventurous and enriching. As of now, my second restaurant is top priority and my efforts are all towards setting the ball rolling.

Popular Native Folk Song of Kashmir “Har Mokh Bartel” 

Simple Kaul’s Images

Simple Kaul Posing as a Model

Simple Kaul Posing as a Model

Simple Kaul as a Model


Inputs & Pictures: Simple Kaul
Editor: Saloni Kilam Rampal

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Amit Kilam, Indian Ocean’s No Boundaries Drummer




Amit Kilam, Musician in Indian Ocean

1. Tell us about how easy or how difficult it was to break through your decision of being a musician in a traditional Kashmiri family especially during days when music and entertainment were not considered stable professions or careers.

AK: You see, you can’t hide talent and our parents too are aware of the same. It’s just the peer pressure, fear of unexpected that holds them in letting their kids pursue the not so usual path.

In my case, my parents unlike most Kashmiri families were of the opinion that while I could pursue my dreams and ambitions, it was equally important that I took my education (graduation) seriously. I didn’t have a problem with that ideology either. It was during this period only that Indian Ocean happened, with it came the album Desert Rain and rest is history.

2.What have been the high points and low points in your musical journey?

AK: For any musician, producing music that is fresh and path breaking is an exciting process. It feels good when your music is appreciated and applauded by fans-listeners. For us high points were when our albums like Desert Rain, Khandisa, Tandanu, Indian Films (Black Friday-Masaan) did exceptionally well.

As far as the low point goes it was losing our dear friend and a key member of our band Asheem Chakravarty.

Indian Ocean Band

3.Tell us something about your upcoming concerts and latest compositions that your band is currently working on. (Bollywood & Non Bollywood)

AK: We just finished performing in a concert with Pundit Vishal Mohan Bhat and an American saxophone player George Brooks in Mandawa Rajasthan.

Then there was Sula Fest in Nasik. Currently we are working on few Bollywood projects which are still at nascent stage for me to give you more details. However most of our time at the moment is involved in producing our latest Album for year 2017.

Fan Following of Indian Ocean Band

4. What makes your band so special that you enjoy a loyal fan following?

Our endeavor is to produce music that is unique and has a form of its own. Most of our inspirations are derived from emotions, languages, folk, spiritual and social contexts hence they are incomparable. India is changing and it’s the new age youth that is driving the show. Today’s new age listener wants something fresh, soulful, unique and trendy. And we love living up to this lineage by producing culturally cult musical pieces.

Amit Kilam at Abbey Road Studios

5. You perform in different cities in India as well as overseas. Is your music inspired by the people and the place?

Yes, of course. I am wild and adventurous when it comes to my music & travelling. I prefer to explore the unexplored realms (places) on our planet; stay close to nature; imbibe sounds, learn a lot from various cultures, people, beliefs and different forms of music. If I am not making music then I am definitely travelling places.

6. Please tell us about your composition on the plight of Kashmiri pundits who were forced to flee from the valley.

AK: Well! It all started when I had this one tune that I use to play very often but couldn’t find the right lyrics to do justice to the tune. One day Rahul came up with this Bilali song that he had heard in Madhya Pradesh sung by the natives of the village.

The tune and lyrics were soulful since they were narrating the plight of the natives who were displaced from that place owing to the Narmada Dam construction. Rahul was completely hooked to that song and he came up with the thought of creating a song dedicated on “Displacement of people”.

Probably it was destiny that I felt a strong connection between this song and my tune; most importantly the background of Displacement. By then I already knew that my tune for which I was falling short of words had found its soul partner. I requested my mom to write the lyrics talking of displacement of Kashmiri Pundits from the valley owing to factors of Political unrest & terrorism. My thought was clear and firm that the song didn’t require any political angles in its narrations. I must say my mom did a fantastic job as she wove a story of a tree that is uprooted and displaced to another place. The tree would eventually grow but would it be the same tree as it used to be in its own native land is the question raised in the song. The Kashmiri portion of the song is sung by me.

By now the songs were shaping up well and we were discussing the subject – the tempo of the song with Vishal Dadlani with whom we were to do a song together. When he heard the music he came up with one more rendition of the plight of Sindhis. The natives of Sindh province now in Pakistan had to flee from Sindh to take shelter in India during partition. The third version of Displacement of Sindhis was added to the song and same sung by Vishal Dadlani.
The songs on Displacement now were finally complete and put together in our album called Tandanu. The song has portions in 5 different languages namely Bilali (MP), Kashmiri, Sindhi, Hindi & Farsi. All versions are sung by Indian Ocean & Vishal Dadlani.

Amit Kilam Kayaking7.What are your favorite national and international travel destinations?

AK: In India its Ladakh & Kashmir undoubtedly. Kashmir is my first love- my native place. Ladakh primarily for the barren panorama, sweeping scenic beauty, solitude, the tempting momos & thupkkas.

Internationally: Morocco is enchanting, beautiful oasis in deserts, architecture of medinas, “Chabbi”; popular folk music etc.

Istanbul looks straight out from fairy-tale books. I like jungles too; so places that offer that wilderness are definitely part of my travel list.

Japan is another place that inspires me for its culture and destination. It’s a different world all together.

Amit Kilam Performing Music

8.What would you like to say to young budding talent from the valley who aspires to make it big in the field of music?

AK: I don’t believe in sermonizing wisdom. All I would like say is that make music you want to. I believe originality and uniqueness pays off in the long run.

Hard work, struggle is part of this business. So believe in your work and follow your instincts. World will definitely open up for you.

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Talkfest with Renowned Author Tuhin A Sinha




Tuhin A. Sinha is an Indian author; Well known for his writings in the genre of Fiction, Love and Politics. His notable works include The Edge of Power, The Edge of Desire, Of Love and Politics, That Thing called Love and 22 yards.

Talkfest with Renowned Author Tuhin A SinhaA sneak peek into Tuhin’s world of books:

“Books are a must in any travelers’ bag”.

“Books on the move” is a trend catching up fast amongst the new age generation travelers.

1. What’s your take on the same as a writer?

T.S: Yes, travelling makes for good writing time. That’s because urban life tends to be too hectic & tense nowadays and you’re not able to concentrate on reading when you are in the midst of several deadlines. Therefore, travelling gives you quality reading time.

Personally speaking, I read a lot while travelling.

2. Do you take your inspirations from travelling to new places, exploring new cultures and people?

T.S: Oh Yes! India is a vast country. Travelling to different parts can provide you an interface with different cultures and traditions. North East, Ladakh, Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands can give you excellent learning experiences.

3. Which books are your personal favorite on a travel genre?

T.S: I prefer short stories or essays where the chapters can be read in any order. At times, I also tend to re-visit the Gita and other mythological writings while travelling.

4. These days E-books are catching the trend fast. As a writer what do you feel about the same?

T.S: I’m all for it. There are only that many books that you can carry with you or stock at home. E-books, thus, provides a viable solution and also tends to be ready reckoner for you.

5. Tell us a bit about your latest book and what all are you working on.

T.S: It’s a digital book, an intense love story, which releases in December 2016 called “Not without you”. Other than that, I am working on two other books which will release in the second half of 2017.

6. Can you tell us about your favorite travel destinations, India & International Both?

T.S: Lakshadweep & Kashmir in India and Austria overseas are my favorite spots.

Connect with Tuhin A. Sinha:

Book Reviews:

Daddy: The Birth of a Father – “Daddy proves that Fatherhood is an inner calling and passion! It shows how you can find time to be hands on father despite all your professional commitments.” – Manoj Bajpayee, Actor, Indian Film Industry.

The Edge of Power – “Tuhin’s writing is pacy and explosive.”- Madhur Bhandarkar, Renowned Bollywood Director.

The Edge of Desire – “Shruti Ranjan is an apt representation of today’s Indian woman, living on the cusp of modernity and tradition and dealing with the multitude of problems which come with this…In many ways, Shruti represents the formidable modern day Draupadi.”- The Asian Age

Of Love And Politics – “Indeed, in today’s age of monosyllabic phrases and grammatically horrifying SMS-lingo, it is commendable to have a writer like Sinha who can so adeptly weave Shakespearean phrases like ‘phlegmatic propensities’ and ‘puerile denials’ with Shashi Tharoor-esque aplomb in his work.”- The Hindu

The Captain – “Setting the cats among the pigeons, 22 Yards steers dangerously close to uncomfortable facts surrounding cricket today.” – Financial Express

That Thing Called Love – “A journey of discovery through disparate spectrums, Tuhin waxes eloquent on the choices that lie before the typical urban Indian male and in an odd way strikes a chord that is unmistakable.”- The Sunday Indian

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