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Ace Jewellery Designer Rahul Popli Talks Inspiration, Design Process and Legacy (Exclusive Interview)

The origin of Rahul Popli’s career as a Jewellery designer can be easily traced back to his early childhood. After sitting through long sessions with his virtuoso Jewellery & Antique connoisseur father at the tender age of seven, Popli began to hone and develop his eye for art and design.

Ace Jewellery Designer Rahul Popli

The New Delhi (India) native has been pioneering minimalistic, majestic, and sculptural, consciously-made designs since his eponymous Jewellery label launch in 2003. Amethyst was born!

Amethyst Jewellery by Rahul PopliToday, Popli cossets his authentic and holistic approach to design from his design studio cum emporium in New Delhi.

Rahul uses his knack for handcrafted design to relay the story of each collection and continues to build a loyal following worldwide.

Fashion isn’t the only passion in Popli’s blood; he also values the art of giving back to the community. From his first store to his current stores, Rahul has consistently incorporated the importance of philanthropic efforts into his life.

Rahul is associated with Samarpan Foundation New Delhi, India.

Rahul Popli Associated with Samarpan Foundation New Delhi, India
His big heart and dedication to giving back to society, combined with his bold designs, make him a shining role model for the youth.

Rahul Popli at his Jewellery Showroom Amethyst

We interviewed the designer to discuss his career path, design process and his latest Enamel Collection inspired from Meenakari.

Read on for an exclusive peek into the life and inner workings of Rahul Popli; trend setter, workhorse when it comes down to living up to expectations from his label Amethyst.

1. What inspired you to start designing Jewellery?

My father was an ace artist or rather a connoisseur of beauty, that’s how I would like to put it. I grew up seeing his dedication, eye for detailing and passion for his trade.

I feel lucky to be his son and to have garnered some of his traits that have boosted my success.

2. Do you have a muse? Tell us about your collections and what the inspirations behind them are.

Well my collection is for both men and women, so technically no muse but yes for me Mother Nature is my muse. I derive my inspirations from forms and textures in nature. Be it forms of snake, cuts and curves of butterfly, the intricacies found in leaves, stripes on a tiger skin.

Celebrity Admirer of Amethyst Jewellery CollectionsMy work showcases elements of nature. I wouldn’t say that there is one particular person I admire most or is my muse, but what I like most is that my work to a large extent has found its admirers in Designers, Indian Bollywood Celebrities, and Fine Artists.

Rahul Popli with his Bollywood & Designer Celebrity Admirers
It’s encouraging and at the same time challenging to keep scale of my work high to maintain high recall amongst polished clientele.

3. Your work takes you around the length & breadth of the country and even across borders. Do you derive inspirations from different cultures across the globe? Put some light on your international collection and the inspiration behind same.

Yes, of course it goes be without saying. Travelling opens up horizons, your eye for creativity expands and leads to innovation.

Amethyst IN VOGUE Collection
I travel very often to derive inspiration from the amazing culture, architecture, people and geography of the place. In fact, our country offers us so much that right from producing a piece of art; we get to market it on multiple occasions and celebrations. Indeed, Incredible India.

The wave of digitization has done wonders in spreading art and culture across the world and crossing barriers. One can appreciate and buy art from any part of the world.

Rahul Popli in Spain

One of my favorite international destinations is Spain. My love for beaches led me to design something slick and elegant for varied beach parties like Cocktail Party, Mini Musical Festivals and others.

Amethyst Pret Collection
My collection is called Prêt -Fascia and is inspired from shades and essence of beaches in Spain. Minimalistic in shape and size, I have tried to play around with shades of the sea and moods of the people.

4. Fashion Jewellery is catching up these days, especially with the latest selfie look bug that has bitten us all. What are your views on same and does your collection offer something in this segment?

Well, I personally believe smile is the prettiest jewellery. But yes I do believe in enhancing beauty. And my jewellery does that just right. Selfie look is all over the virtual world and why not, after all we are the generation belonging to the technological era.

Amethyst Peacock Earrings by Rahul Popli

I deal in sterling silver jewellery and contemporary jewellery which is fashionable and trendy and is for all age groups and complements best for those selfie looks.

5. How do you go about creating a new piece? Please share your design process and how you develop the same.

I don’t create piece by piece. It’s more of a vision which we pen down derived from my inspirations. Basis that, my design team creates the entire look under my supervision. You can see synergy in each collection as it narrates the story of the place.

Enamel Collection-Minakari
6. Tell us some about your latest collection and journey from source to innovation and presentation?

Latest from my bouquet is Enamel collection named “MINAKARI”. In February 2016, I went to Jaipur with one of my international buyers and while sightseeing, we went to a museum where I met an artist who was making a beautiful paper painting with a Mughal motif. He mentioned that his family has been doing this for generations. I fell in love with the detailing and the individual touch that went into every stroke. I was truly inspired by the uniqueness and started the journey towards ‘Minakari’ (Enamelling for jewellery. Creating enamelled jewellery requires combined skills of a working team of several specialist craftsmen. These include the ‘ghatkarigar’ (metalsmither) ‘chitrakar’ (Designer), the ‘khodnakar (Engraver) and the ‘minakar’ (Enamellist).

Amethyst Enamel Earrings
The engraver received the object (i.e. the ghaat to be enameled) with the design outlined upon it. Within these lines, he carves out the metal in those areas that will be replaced by enamel. Enamel in the form of crushed glass is placed in a colour palette and is applied into the engraved impressions of the object. Finally, the piece is heated in a kiln for the enamel to fuse. Getting together, the efforts of all these skills and for each artisan to understand what is required is a long and tiresome process, thus, resulting in a higher input cost as it needed to be done in Sterling Silver.

However, we are proud to say that we have been amongst the first few designers to explore this technique in silver.

Amethyst Bangle and Earrings CollectionWe have now expanded it to bangles, rings and even elaborate bridal necklaces.

7. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur?

A successful entrepreneur needs to be restless & hungry and constantly learn and evolve in his craft. You need to grow your skills, range and imbibe a lot from the environment around you.

Feedback and reviews are essential for any artist as they help you improve and produce better products.

The most important lesson that I learnt on the job was that one needs to be accessible and interactive with customers. As at the end, they wear not just your jewels but they carry your name.

For me, it’s my endeavor not just to grow my brand but provide a “Wow experience” and “best in class” customer service in all my interactions and services.

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Tips to Survive Long Travel Journey’s




Travel is one of the best ways to experience the world. They say travelling the world is akin to living several lifetimes. While most people aren’t pro travelers but one definitely learns with experience.

You make loads of mistakes in fact each escapade is a learning in its own self.  Travel can’t be mastered it’s an ongoing process that comes from missing busses, ignorance about cultures, rituals and countless tiny errors.  So, while you keep learning from your journeys,

here is a small effort to help others by sharing tips that I learnt along my way.

Three tips to help you survive long travel journeys

The recent advances in communication and transportation technologies have even made long-distance travels more comfortable and less tiresome.

Some people crave such experiences, while some would rather stay home than have to endure that 16-hour flight, or the day-long drive across the country. The difference between these two types of people is often their ability to prepare for such journeys. If you struggle to enjoy such long trips, here are a few crucial tips.


Packing is one of those tedious but necessary elements of any journey. It seems simple enough, but packing well can make or break one’s journey. You don’t want to arrive at the beach only to find that you don’t have a swimming costume with you. Imagine going on a camping trip only to find that there were no batteries packed, or matches for the all-important campfire. It is therefore important to pack well and pack early.

The secret to doing this is to have a checklist prepared. Go through the activities planned for the whole trip and make sure to be well prepared for each thing. Avoid the last-minute rush as it is where most people forget important additions.

Why not pack a bag specifically for the journey to your destination? Think hand luggage on planes, but apply it to whatever mode of travel you’re taking. Pack plenty of snacks if you’re in the car; an audiobook does wonders to pass the time if you’re short on space. Going via ferry? Have a hoodie at hand to stay warm – even when the sun’s shining, it’ll be cold on deck!

Research and Prepare

Spontaneous trips are fun, but there is still no excuse to go to places without planning well. This is especially the case for long-distance destinations. It is important to learn as much as possible about where you’re going. Look at the available hotels, learn about their food and practice some of the local lingo – pleases and thank yous really make a difference, and this is the perfect way to pass time while you’re travelling to your destination. Also check out the general culture, the dos, the don’ts and the expectations.

Before you set off, make sure all devices are fully charged and that there is a backup. Chargers and power banks come in handy during long journeys for those who can’t keep away from their phones and laptops. Stock up on snacks and drinks, especially water and lots of games, especially for the kids.


Always expect the best but be ready for the worst. It is essential that at least one trusted person knows where you are at all times. Also, keep your emergency numbers handy in case of any problems such as your car breaking down. This is especially important if you’re travelling with kids! Ensure you have all your medication packed where necessary and that you have taken the required travel vaccinations.

These tips might seem like a handful but they are completely necessary. Following them ensures a smooth enough journey and an enjoyable visit to whatever destination you’ve chosen. Happy holidays!

Sharing Travel Tips is a good idea. How about you telling us what works and what not? Help us contribute to the Travelling Community. We are waiting.

Leave a comment below.

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5 top tips if you’re travelling long term




Long-term travel sounds like such a glamorous concept, and it’s probably fine if you have the money to be able to afford it! You need to keep in mind that travel can be an expense, but I think it is also one of the best ways of improving your life and enriching your future. Long-term travel really allows you to find yourself and work on deciding the direction you want to take your life in.

Whether it’s backpacking, couch surfing, or hotel living, long-term travel can provide all sorts of really amazing opportunities, and this is one of the reasons why I love it. It is a great way of seeing more of the world and reality changing your life perspective. So, you want to arm yourself with some of my amazing tips that are going to help you make the most of this experience. Here are five of the best ones I hope will help get you started right now.

1. Choose your destination(s) carefully

I would advise you start by making sure you choose the right sort of destination or destinations for long-term travel. This often involves separating the great places from the not so great, and this can be challenging. Identify the places you want to visit, but also try to make sure you know what you want to do when you’re there.

One of the places I absolutely insist you add to your bucket is the Indian city of Jammu, known locally as the City of Temples. This is a picturesque paradise with plenty of cultural heritage as well. Places like this are ideal to experience on your long-term travel adventures.

2. Budget meticulously

You also need to understand that travelling long-term is going to be expensive, and you’re also going to experience different costs in different cities. This is why it’s so important to sit down and come up with a long-term travel budget. Sure, it might sound boring, but you’ll definitely thank me for it later! You’re going to need to know an approximate figure for how much money you need per day in each place you visit, and this is something you should determine as soon as you can.

3. Start saving now

As well as coming up with a budget, I would also advise you start trying to save as much as possible right now. There are a lot of costs involved in long-term travel, and you need to make sure you have some money saved before you go. This is something you need to make a start on sooner rather than later.

If you’re travelling for a long period of time, you might be able to get a work visa so you can earn money as you travel. However, I would advise not relying on this, and making sure you have plenty of cash as a safety net to help you through your travels.

4. Plan, but don’t overplan

It’s important to make sure you plan your adventure thoroughly, but don’t over plan at the same time. I think it’s important to identify the places that aren’t worth your time so you can focus on those that are.

For example, The Secret Traveller from 1Cover reveals that the Spanish Steps in Rome and the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen rank among the world’s most disappointing tourist attractions. You should avoid these, and focus your energy on seeing the things that are going to change your life. But also leave some space in your schedule, because you want a bit of spontaneity to the trip as well, right?

5. Becoming a packing savant

Urgh, the dreaded packing! Look, I hate packing as much as the next person, and I’m sure you’re no different. But, unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil of travel, especially long-term travel. You need to be more methodical and purposeful with your packing for long-term travel because you’re going to need to fit a lot more in.

One of the best packing tips for long-term travel is to roll your clothes so they take up much less space, and you can fit a lot more stuff in. Plan your packing in advance, and make sure you come up with ideas that are going to help you make this a much less stressful experience.

These are just a few ideas you need to keep in mind if you’re preparing to travel long-term. You’re going to have an adventure and an important experience, and it’s one that you need to make the most of.

If you think I’ve missed anything important off the list, please drop me a line in the comments below.

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Best Place to Shop for Flowers in Singapore





Every single street has a flower shop, or even several flower shops in Singapore, so finding a florist isn’t really a conundrum, however, finding the right florist, that will give you your bang for the buck might be. With such a large variety of both online florists and flower shops, nobody has that kind of time to go reviewing one florist from another. Which is why I decided to present to you the best florist in Singapore and make your life just a little bit easier and beautiful.

Bouquet of SunflowersIt’s the flower shop that has everything, from fruit baskets Singapore loves to get during the holidays, to grand opening flowers for special events, funeral flowers, and so much more. Whether you need a grand opening flower stand or just an ordinary rose bouquet, their team of experienced florists will jazz it up and make sure that your bouquet doesn’t resemble what you’re used to seeing at your local flower shop. Their creativity and passion really shows, and that’s something nobody can copy, which is why their flower shop sticks out right away.

Cafe at A Better FloristJust like magic, order from this online florist from their website and receive your flowers in less than two hours. Their same day flower delivery is one of the best things about their flower shop. Whenever you want to order, you’ll get a same day flower delivery, that’s completely free.

Fruits & Juices at A Better Florist

Now, if you have an emergency, and we know that flower emergencies can happen, they also offer the best express delivery that comes within 90 minutes, to just about location in Singapore. That goes for their flower, hamper and fruit basket delivery.

Fruit Salad & Chocolate, A Better FloristBeing able to find everything in one place, and being able to get it so quickly has made A Better Florist so noticeable to all of us who shop for flowers, gifts and little tokens of love for our loved ones. The best flower delivery in Singapore does a little bit of everything, but they never fail to design something authentic and attention-grabbing.

Fruit Basket, A Better Florist

Flowers are always perky, the fruits are always juicy and fresh and the hampers are carefully designed with every single detail in mind. It’s hard to find such a dedicated team that pays so much attention to everything, especially when they have so many flower shops throughout entire Singapore. But this is their story, and they’re not afraid to tell it.

If you really love shopping online, and doing everything from your favorite spot at home, you’ll be delighted to find out that A Better Florist has recently expanded outside of Singapore. When you travel frequently, you find yourself in a problem of finding the right gift, or surprising someone on their special day, because you’re not there.

Bouquet of Roses, A Better FloristWith ABF, you can find a Dubai flower delivery a Hong Kong flower delivery and a KL flower delivery. They flower shops are everywhere, which means, you always have your favourite florist with you, even when you’re travelling. As the best florist in Dubai, the best florist in Hong Kong and the best florist in Kuala Lumpur, A Better Florist can’t stop getting a good reputation and a good word of mouth. Just do a little bit of research and you’ll see that they offer the best flower delivery in Hong Kong and the best flower delivery Dubai has, so there’s no real dilemma when you need to send flowers and gifts to someone who’s not near you. A Better Florist is everywhere for you.Flower Basket, A Better FloristThere’s no doubt that trying out A Better Florist’s flower shop should be on your list of things to do when you come to Singapore. It’s definitely worth it.

A Better Florist, Singapore

Recommended without doubt. Your signature flowers and gifts are just a click away!



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