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“One Shoe can change your Life”- Cinderella



Beautiful, Exquisite, Ethereal Punjabi Jhuttis, Mojaris, Nagras!

Panche Footwear Arts & CraftsPunjab has a rich history of arts & crafts. Like many other handicrafts, Jhuttis- Mojaris are famous world over. Natively “Jutti” (also spelled as Jhutti, Juthi, Juti) is an Urdu word for a shoe with a closed upper attached to a sole. It is worn mostly in Northern India but thanks to the digital world, the product seems to have found its admirers all across the country and overseas.

Traditional FootwearThis traditional footwear is primarily made of pure leather and has magnificent embroidery and embellishments that give it a royal appeal. From day to day wear, weddings, religious occasions, to parties and festivals, Jhuttis work great at adding a tinge of stately queen ship to your attire.

Culture of Jhuttis-Mojaris-NagrasCulture of Jhuttis-Mojaris-Nagras: It was first patronized by the Mughals, extremely popular amongst Kings and Queens who belonged to the majestic era of Indian history. The style of Jhutti back then was far more ornate and rich in texture and design which incorporated fine gems, stones, tinkelets and precious pearls. With the passage of time, Mojaris-Nagras shoes gained a lot of popularity in Punjab and underwent various forms of trials and innovation.

Mojaris-Nagras ShoesStylish Assortments
The Juttis with M-shaped front are known as ‘Panna’ which is intricately embellished or designed with similar patterns on the side and back of the shoe. Nagras, on the other hand, had a soft -rounded front which is closed and resembles the modern day ballerina footwear.

Stylish AssortmentsMost of the designs are inspired by Mughal architecture and Rajasthan’s rich princely ethos. From hand-painted to embroidered, sequined designs, Jhuttis are gradually taking over contemporary styles. Some of them come with a pointed and curved nook in the front which is for men, while the ones for women have a simple and plain rounded or squared front. Jhuttis made for men usually have a single patterns.

Apart from the traditional thread, bead work, motifs and images; Jhuttis now are also being stylized with a modern twist using cartoon characters, retro images and doddle art.

Global Chemistry
Jhuttis are a perfect grandiose option for world famous ballerina shoes. Jhuttis or famously called ‘Mojaris’ have a worldwide fan following especially in countries like US, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Middle East and Europe.

A lot is being done by countries and the people to foster and promote art & culture of Punjab & Rajasthan. Young entrepreneurs, fashion designers have come forward and are doing a wonderful job to elevate this ancient art through modern techniques, styles and global propositions.

One such budding entrepreneur is Bhumika Mehta, founder & owner of Brand “Panache- An Élite Affair”.

Bhumika Mehta, Mojari Designer & Artist of Panache-An Elite AffairPOW WOW with Bhumika Mehta, Mojari Designer & Artist of “Panache-An Elite Affair”:

1. Tell us something about the label “Panache-An Elite Affair” and how did it all start?

B.M: I am an arts graduate from Delhi University, India. Post my grads, I joined the banking sector and worked with one of the top banks in Asia for about a year. It was during this period that the entrepreneurial bug to launch my own label hit me. I believed that my creative instincts and skills were good enough for owning a label. Hence, I bid adieu to my budding career and stepped into the shoes of an entrepreneur and “Panache- An Elite Affair” was born.

2. What’s your connect with this line of ancient trade and how are you different from others?

B.M.: Well like they say, every girl or woman has fetish for shoes, mine was no less since childhood. I loved dressing up in traditional Indian attires and my footwear had to be something striking. When I first wore my Punjabi Jhutti, there was strange feeling of royalty and elegance that left me wonderstruck. And rest is history! I’m glad Panache An Elite Affair is doing every bit possible in nurturing and evolving different shades of the product line.

Punjab & Rajasthan are the two main states from where this trade originates. At Panache An Elite Affair, we research, analyse different markets and the cult of contemporary products lines in shoe business to try and produce different collections that suit the wide band of traditional to global consumers. Some of our collection is unique and intricate in its styling and undoubtedly best in quality.

3. What is your distribution model? And how has the response been?

B.M.: We operate via offline and online platforms as far as product distribution and marketing is concerned.

We’re close to two years now in the business and have received an overwhelming response. We have loyal customers both in our home country and overseas. We are in process of expanding our network through more collaborators and partners to cover length and breadth of the country and overseas too.

4. Can you tell us about the markets you are present in nationally and internationally?

B.M.: Like I mentioned before, currently we sell online through our e-commerce portal and have a main retail store in New Delhi, India.

The retail expansion plan to cater to Indian cities is already in pipeline and soon, we shall have stores opening in other cities.

Internationally, we are selling via various boutique stores in Dubai (UAE), Calgary (Canada) and London.

We are also available on various online wedding portals and are listed as an authorized wedding vendor.

5. How do you see “Panache- An Elite Affair” fairing in International markets?

B.M.: To be honest, I was initially sceptical about the demand that Mojaris would generate in international markets. But with the online boom in India and globally, the world is a small place now with a lot of exchange of global products creating a market for themselves across borders. We have Indian customers staying overseas and international customers who are a big fan of Indian traditional items.

Infact, Mojaris are popular in the international scenario as the festivities go beyond cultures and religions.

For More Designs of Traditional and Cultural Mojaris visit “Panache-An Elite Affair“.

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Tips to Survive Long Travel Journey’s




Travel is one of the best ways to experience the world. They say travelling the world is akin to living several lifetimes. While most people aren’t pro travelers but one definitely learns with experience.

You make loads of mistakes in fact each escapade is a learning in its own self.  Travel can’t be mastered it’s an ongoing process that comes from missing busses, ignorance about cultures, rituals and countless tiny errors.  So, while you keep learning from your journeys,

here is a small effort to help others by sharing tips that I learnt along my way.

Three tips to help you survive long travel journeys

The recent advances in communication and transportation technologies have even made long-distance travels more comfortable and less tiresome.

Some people crave such experiences, while some would rather stay home than have to endure that 16-hour flight, or the day-long drive across the country. The difference between these two types of people is often their ability to prepare for such journeys. If you struggle to enjoy such long trips, here are a few crucial tips.


Packing is one of those tedious but necessary elements of any journey. It seems simple enough, but packing well can make or break one’s journey. You don’t want to arrive at the beach only to find that you don’t have a swimming costume with you. Imagine going on a camping trip only to find that there were no batteries packed, or matches for the all-important campfire. It is therefore important to pack well and pack early.

The secret to doing this is to have a checklist prepared. Go through the activities planned for the whole trip and make sure to be well prepared for each thing. Avoid the last-minute rush as it is where most people forget important additions.

Why not pack a bag specifically for the journey to your destination? Think hand luggage on planes, but apply it to whatever mode of travel you’re taking. Pack plenty of snacks if you’re in the car; an audiobook does wonders to pass the time if you’re short on space. Going via ferry? Have a hoodie at hand to stay warm – even when the sun’s shining, it’ll be cold on deck!

Research and Prepare

Spontaneous trips are fun, but there is still no excuse to go to places without planning well. This is especially the case for long-distance destinations. It is important to learn as much as possible about where you’re going. Look at the available hotels, learn about their food and practice some of the local lingo – pleases and thank yous really make a difference, and this is the perfect way to pass time while you’re travelling to your destination. Also check out the general culture, the dos, the don’ts and the expectations.

Before you set off, make sure all devices are fully charged and that there is a backup. Chargers and power banks come in handy during long journeys for those who can’t keep away from their phones and laptops. Stock up on snacks and drinks, especially water and lots of games, especially for the kids.


Always expect the best but be ready for the worst. It is essential that at least one trusted person knows where you are at all times. Also, keep your emergency numbers handy in case of any problems such as your car breaking down. This is especially important if you’re travelling with kids! Ensure you have all your medication packed where necessary and that you have taken the required travel vaccinations.

These tips might seem like a handful but they are completely necessary. Following them ensures a smooth enough journey and an enjoyable visit to whatever destination you’ve chosen. Happy holidays!

Sharing Travel Tips is a good idea. How about you telling us what works and what not? Help us contribute to the Travelling Community. We are waiting.

Leave a comment below.

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5 top tips if you’re travelling long term




Long-term travel sounds like such a glamorous concept, and it’s probably fine if you have the money to be able to afford it! You need to keep in mind that travel can be an expense, but I think it is also one of the best ways of improving your life and enriching your future. Long-term travel really allows you to find yourself and work on deciding the direction you want to take your life in.

Whether it’s backpacking, couch surfing, or hotel living, long-term travel can provide all sorts of really amazing opportunities, and this is one of the reasons why I love it. It is a great way of seeing more of the world and reality changing your life perspective. So, you want to arm yourself with some of my amazing tips that are going to help you make the most of this experience. Here are five of the best ones I hope will help get you started right now.

1. Choose your destination(s) carefully

I would advise you start by making sure you choose the right sort of destination or destinations for long-term travel. This often involves separating the great places from the not so great, and this can be challenging. Identify the places you want to visit, but also try to make sure you know what you want to do when you’re there.

One of the places I absolutely insist you add to your bucket is the Indian city of Jammu, known locally as the City of Temples. This is a picturesque paradise with plenty of cultural heritage as well. Places like this are ideal to experience on your long-term travel adventures.

2. Budget meticulously

You also need to understand that travelling long-term is going to be expensive, and you’re also going to experience different costs in different cities. This is why it’s so important to sit down and come up with a long-term travel budget. Sure, it might sound boring, but you’ll definitely thank me for it later! You’re going to need to know an approximate figure for how much money you need per day in each place you visit, and this is something you should determine as soon as you can.

3. Start saving now

As well as coming up with a budget, I would also advise you start trying to save as much as possible right now. There are a lot of costs involved in long-term travel, and you need to make sure you have some money saved before you go. This is something you need to make a start on sooner rather than later.

If you’re travelling for a long period of time, you might be able to get a work visa so you can earn money as you travel. However, I would advise not relying on this, and making sure you have plenty of cash as a safety net to help you through your travels.

4. Plan, but don’t overplan

It’s important to make sure you plan your adventure thoroughly, but don’t over plan at the same time. I think it’s important to identify the places that aren’t worth your time so you can focus on those that are.

For example, The Secret Traveller from 1Cover reveals that the Spanish Steps in Rome and the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen rank among the world’s most disappointing tourist attractions. You should avoid these, and focus your energy on seeing the things that are going to change your life. But also leave some space in your schedule, because you want a bit of spontaneity to the trip as well, right?

5. Becoming a packing savant

Urgh, the dreaded packing! Look, I hate packing as much as the next person, and I’m sure you’re no different. But, unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil of travel, especially long-term travel. You need to be more methodical and purposeful with your packing for long-term travel because you’re going to need to fit a lot more in.

One of the best packing tips for long-term travel is to roll your clothes so they take up much less space, and you can fit a lot more stuff in. Plan your packing in advance, and make sure you come up with ideas that are going to help you make this a much less stressful experience.

These are just a few ideas you need to keep in mind if you’re preparing to travel long-term. You’re going to have an adventure and an important experience, and it’s one that you need to make the most of.

If you think I’ve missed anything important off the list, please drop me a line in the comments below.

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Best Place to Shop for Flowers in Singapore





Every single street has a flower shop, or even several flower shops in Singapore, so finding a florist isn’t really a conundrum, however, finding the right florist, that will give you your bang for the buck might be. With such a large variety of both online florists and flower shops, nobody has that kind of time to go reviewing one florist from another. Which is why I decided to present to you the best florist in Singapore and make your life just a little bit easier and beautiful.

Bouquet of SunflowersIt’s the flower shop that has everything, from fruit baskets Singapore loves to get during the holidays, to grand opening flowers for special events, funeral flowers, and so much more. Whether you need a grand opening flower stand or just an ordinary rose bouquet, their team of experienced florists will jazz it up and make sure that your bouquet doesn’t resemble what you’re used to seeing at your local flower shop. Their creativity and passion really shows, and that’s something nobody can copy, which is why their flower shop sticks out right away.

Cafe at A Better FloristJust like magic, order from this online florist from their website and receive your flowers in less than two hours. Their same day flower delivery is one of the best things about their flower shop. Whenever you want to order, you’ll get a same day flower delivery, that’s completely free.

Fruits & Juices at A Better Florist

Now, if you have an emergency, and we know that flower emergencies can happen, they also offer the best express delivery that comes within 90 minutes, to just about location in Singapore. That goes for their flower, hamper and fruit basket delivery.

Fruit Salad & Chocolate, A Better FloristBeing able to find everything in one place, and being able to get it so quickly has made A Better Florist so noticeable to all of us who shop for flowers, gifts and little tokens of love for our loved ones. The best flower delivery in Singapore does a little bit of everything, but they never fail to design something authentic and attention-grabbing.

Fruit Basket, A Better Florist

Flowers are always perky, the fruits are always juicy and fresh and the hampers are carefully designed with every single detail in mind. It’s hard to find such a dedicated team that pays so much attention to everything, especially when they have so many flower shops throughout entire Singapore. But this is their story, and they’re not afraid to tell it.

If you really love shopping online, and doing everything from your favorite spot at home, you’ll be delighted to find out that A Better Florist has recently expanded outside of Singapore. When you travel frequently, you find yourself in a problem of finding the right gift, or surprising someone on their special day, because you’re not there.

Bouquet of Roses, A Better FloristWith ABF, you can find a Dubai flower delivery a Hong Kong flower delivery and a KL flower delivery. They flower shops are everywhere, which means, you always have your favourite florist with you, even when you’re travelling. As the best florist in Dubai, the best florist in Hong Kong and the best florist in Kuala Lumpur, A Better Florist can’t stop getting a good reputation and a good word of mouth. Just do a little bit of research and you’ll see that they offer the best flower delivery in Hong Kong and the best flower delivery Dubai has, so there’s no real dilemma when you need to send flowers and gifts to someone who’s not near you. A Better Florist is everywhere for you.Flower Basket, A Better FloristThere’s no doubt that trying out A Better Florist’s flower shop should be on your list of things to do when you come to Singapore. It’s definitely worth it.

A Better Florist, Singapore

Recommended without doubt. Your signature flowers and gifts are just a click away!



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